Friday, August 24, 2012

Flying to Egypt!

I can't describe how I feel while I'm packing my stuff all sudden to go to egypt! I feel so glad that at last I will get the chance to go to the land where have a lot of cultures and civilizations! I want to go to a lot of places! ...  Pyramids (AlJiza), Al Husain, Mohammed Ali Fort، Alexandria~ I want to enjoy the rush in egypt! ... to hear that pure egyptian accent! ... I want to go to the Dream Park! .. Gosh I have a long Agenda! ..

Dear Egypt! .. Am In My Way To You  


Minty the blogger said...

ماشاء الله
عليج بالعافيه
انا رايحه مصر كذا مره
بس ترا يا راح تحبينها او راح تكرهينها :p
صارلي فتره احن على اهلي نروح بس ما يحبونها :(

انصحج تروحين هالمطعم

لا تنسين تاكلين من الكشري اللي ينباع بالحسين ;)

Ahmed said...

Have fun there. Can't wait to read more about your trip :)