Monday, September 17, 2012

AppleBees With my friends

I went out with my friends~ ... we decided to have lunch together and that's in AppleBees - Al Ain Mall ...
We didn't meet in a long time ! ... but well? we did :)

We gathered and we had a very nice time! .. and we had almost
30 minutes to think about what we will order!
 and the staff were waiting ! lol 
The starter, That spinach dish in the middle!
 I didn't try this, but I believe it is good?
m a y b e 
 I didn't try this but I know the chicken is good :D
cuz it is the same on the salad,
 This is my dish o my friend @inourasha Dish!
The burger is supper yummy! ... but the SALAD! 
I will sure go soon to eat only the salad inshallah! 
I had one is almost the same in Singapore like 6 yrs before
and when I ate it! I felt love!
I don't have travel to Singapore for the salad :P
I will go to Al Ain Mall!
 I tried the colored tortilla in the middle!
so yummy!
OK! Thanks for my friends! ... 
They all sudden decided to do a FAKE PARTY for me
the staff came and sang for me! I Was laughing hard
all the gurls kept laughing until our faces turned to red!
my bday on 4th of june! .. but well! thanks for my friends
I'm 25 years old lol with new birthday :D ...
the staff were so friendly and nice! 
I enjoyed it to the maximum, as much as I felt embarrassed!  

At the end the staff wrote a very nice note on the bill! 
Thanks to them :) ... 
Maybe it was not my birthday! .. but 
I had another thing to celebrate and thanks for my friends! 
They celebrate with me my good news :D 
love u all !

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and I hope AA will change her mind and have her twitter back! 

Have Great Day ppl!