Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Although I promised myself not to write about this, but I couldn't help it. My blog is my inner space, I know that a lot of people will not understand what is the meaning of (losing a pet), especially if that pet you rise it, you took care of it, you treat it like a child not a pet, for 10 years, Imagen in one day you have a phone call to tell you: "your pet is dead", you ask them to clarify again and make sure about whom they are talking, and they tell you again: " your pet is dead".

I tried to be patient, I tried to count to calm myself, I prayed, I remind myself of a lot of what Allah said about people who are patient. I hold myself for moments, but at the end, I got serious breakdown, in front of everyone. I HATE the look of sympathy, DON'T SHOW ME THAT FACE, DON'T TXT ME, DON'T CRY WITH ME. However, I got her, hugged her dead between my arms, for minutes, my tears washed her fure, I swear I felt her heart is beating, but I guess it was only my heart which was ready to pump out of my chest from the sarro.

Every corner, every chair, I mean every where reminds me of her. I know you might get shocked to know that, but before long period of time I used to ask Allah in my prayer (if I end up in Paradise, then please let her be with me). And now, my pet is dead. All what I can say that really with all the grief in my shattered heart, I will always pray to Allah to grantee my wish, to see her again with a lot of fluffy children, In the same time, I promised myself not to get any pet ever in my life again, I can't have my heart break more than it is already.

I got a nice paragraph about grief, I copied it from other website, saying:
We do not grieve for all lost relationships; instead, we grieve only for those that have become important to us over time. These can be relationships with people that we have strong connections to, such as family members, spouses, significant others, and friends; places we feel attached to, such as the house we grew up in or our hometown; or things that are important to us, such as love letters, a watch that a grandparent gave us, etc. We may have loved or hated that person, place, or thing, but we feel grief when they (or it) are gon...

True, only things we are attache to and have strong connection to. May Allah help me to get over it. To all my friends, and people who really cares about me, Understand my feelings, don't push yourself to confort me, I'm fine, But I need time to be alone (please).



نهــــــــــار said...

السلام عليكم...
ليش ما بنفهمج الغاليه...
إنتي لو مب مربتنه وبس كنتي تأكلين أي حيوان اليوم إلي ما بييج فيه بتحاتينه
فمابالج مربتنه ومأكلتنه
وتشوفينه يكبر ...
(((ترا إختج نهار عندها قطاوه مربتنهم((((((
الله يصبرج
صراحه ماشي يسد مكانهم
even a new pet

desires said...

الله يصبرج الغالية

أعرف هالشي صعب .. ترى الفراق صعب مهما يكون حتى لو افترقت عن شي جماد مافيه روح

وهذا كان مخلوق له روح

الله يعينج .. ولاتنسين
أن لله ما أخذ ولله ما أعطى

ربي يعوضج بما هو خي رمنه

Anonymous said...

بالعكس انا متفهم
لاني يوم كنت صغير كانت عندي عنزة اسمها فيوري؟؟؟؟
في يوم ابوي خذها اونه بيوديها عند امها!!
وبليل كلينا مندي
ونحن عاعشاء سالت ابوي وين فيوري؟؟؟ قالتلي امي كاهي يالس تاكلها !!!!!!!!؟
تصوري ذبحوها المجرمين وسوها مندي
من يومها وانا ستوين احب المندي لانها تذكرني بفيوري لول

تيك كير ليل

Scribble said...

عورتي قلبي والله >> صحيح مالي خص بـ
بس فعلا شيء يعور القلب شيء ملكتيه واهتميتي فيه طول هالسنين وتفقدينه
صعب هالشعور ..

>> بس سبحـان الله اتعجب من تعلق الناس بالحيوانات مااعرف شلون هالشعور

على العموم .. الله يصبرج ويعوضج خير

salemuae >> عجيبة قصة المندي وتعلقك فيه خخخخ

lOsT said...

على كثر ما احب الحيوانات بس عمرهم ما تمو معاي سنه فالبيت .. أمي ما تخليهم =/

أذكر مره يبت بطه بالغلط عقو عليها الجهاز يوم شفت شكلها سويت فلم هندي فالبيت صياح !! والله أحس فيج !

الله يكون في عونج ويصبرج وان شاء الله تتاقين معاه فالجنه =)

Anonymous said...

You should get over it cause this is the life, n keep in mind that Allah knows that its better for you to loose her, that's why she died..

I understand your grief and I wish to see you happy again =)
Remember that life goes on ..

Take a good care of yourself lil =)

lil.D said...

صدقوني ودي أرد عليكم رد رد، مثل العادة، ولكن هالمرة أحب اشكركم جميعا على ردودكم ومواساتكم لي، واللي عنت لي الكثير

بصراحة الموضوع مؤلم بالنسبة لي عشان جيه اتفادى اقراه مرة ثانية أو اقرى أي شي يذكرني فيه

Thanks all for your support :)