Monday, January 4, 2010

Good Morning ~ Suwalif

I wake up to find my mom preparing some cupcakes,
They taste so yummy!
and looks so colorful and nice,
feel free to try them :D

Yesterday I went to the hospital,
I had problem in breathing, I couldn't breath well!
and I went to the hospital feeling so bad!
they make me wait 1 hour tell the Doctor see me!
I don't know? should the person go to the hospital
Covered with blood so they see it as emergency?
I was really so upset, and so tired to go to another place,
BUT the doctor was so nice
she helped me to feel better el7mduliah

In the hospital there was an old man, *Shaiba* in other words,
When I was walking in the corridor,
he stopped in the entrance, tell I passed then he walk in!
I was thinking! where are the young guys from those ethics?

Please I mean no offense when I say this: Some Guys are Losers!
and I mean here guys at work who know nothing but talking like girls!
What I know that girls are talkatives!
But at work I discover that guys are SUPER TALKATIVES!
and they make problems to others and pretend they do nothing!
Will they ever grow up?

I'm struggling to finish the book I'm reading! some times I enjoy reading that I can't take my eyes off the book! but some times I just can't read a line! do you think when your mind is distracted that affect your reading mood? ... I'm really upset because of my work! reading does not make me feel better :( !!!

I will write inshallah in my next post about my switching to mac experience!


شاي الضحى said...

شكل الكب كيك يشوق

يالله حطي لنه الطريقه عشان نسويها

وسلامتج ما تشوفين شر :)

Faith said...


كيوت الكب كيك عليج بألف عافيه

وما تشوفين شر عزيزتي

lavender's aroma said...

اشتهيت الكب كيك خاص الطبقة البيضا اللي فوق ،، يمي يمي
ما تشوفين شر وأجر وعافية

سمو الأميرهـ ..ツ said...

يمي يمي

اممم يوم طريتي امج الله يحفظها لكم
اتذكرت ورق عنب اللي تسويه امايه
بس فديتها مريضة هاليومين
يوم الله بيقومها بالسلامه بطلب منها تسوي لي اياه
تصدقين ما كنت احب المحاشي أبدا أبدا
بس مال امايه غييير

<< أسوي لها دعايه

و يالله نتريا

تجربة استخداانج للماك بوك



نهــــــــــار said...

السلام عليكم...
سلامات الغاليه وماتشوفين شر
طهور أن شاء الله
صدقج بعض الأحيان تقولين ما بيدخلونا إلا إذا لا سمح الله متغطيين بالدم..
طبعا بالعافيه الكب كيك
توني متريقه كب كيك بعد
دمتِ بخير

Samt♥AlbadoO said...

مآ اتشوفين شر اجر وعـآفيه يآ ربيه

مآ شاء الله الكب كيك شكله يمييي
يعطيهآ امج العـآفيه وتسلم ايديهآ يآ رب