Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Power of Hair Dryer! السشوااااار

Today is really very very cold!!
Here is a live update about the weather forcast in Al Ain City NOW!

Alright!! what I want to say in this post
that there are a lot of ways to feel warmer :D
one way every one laugh at me when I use it!!
 which is !!! My hair dryer!!

Aw yes!!!
it is the best way to fight the Cold!!!

I just use it to warm my hands when they become freezed!
-___- and don't laugh! cuz my family were laughing
but when they tried it they really saw how effective it is loool

I'm using this method of having the hair drier as heater
since the early mornings in high school! IT IS WORKING!

I'm telling you!! if you don't use the hair dryer!!
you will be missing a lot of fun :D and warmth



desires said...

i don't have a hair drier,very unusual for to me use them =( any other techniques?

هند said...

ككككككككككك شدني العنوان

اتصدقين انها فكرة حلوة شكلي بجربها

شاي الضحى said...


ما عندكم دفايات؟



اقصوصه said...


ذكرتيني بربيعتي

تسوي جيه :)

Anonymous said...

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lil.D said...


-__- oh I can't live without it :D ... well any other technique? stick to your mother :D looool my poor mom :)

aw yea!! try Ikea soft covers :) They are the BEST!

lil.D said...

هند هههههه هاه شو نتنائج التجربة؟

lil.D said...

شاي الضحى:
ماااتنفع الدفايات
لان بتخلي الغرفه كلها حاره
ويبالها وقت :)
اسرع شي قبل ماتروحين الدوام هو السشوار على ايدج وخلاص لووووووول

lil.D said...

عشان تعرفين البور مالت السشوار لووووول
تشوفين صورة رجل الثلج؟ احسها وايد معبره -_- ربيعتج يمكن بتحس انها معبره تووو