Friday, April 29, 2011

Invitation to attend a Seminar ..

We were invited by Dr.Binta Abubaker to attend a seminar who is given by Professor Fleix Mavondo. Basically it was about ( Research Methodology and New Challenges). The seminar had a lot of Professors, Doctors,  PH.D Students and others! ... It was somehow higher level thing! .. they talked about research methodology and how can you verify your research and get it publish using different methods, It was so useful however I felt like I live in another planet! ... Now I decided not to go for PHD because doing research needs a lot of hard work!  and I don't want to do that lol
My friend Sara attend with me, this is her pencil, as she decided to remember this day! (Thanks Sara it was a very nice time that I won't forget *Giggles*) ! 

I wrote on her pencil! lol

Part of the attendees 

It is a day I would love to remember~
and that's why am blogging it :D

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