Sunday, April 10, 2011

Japanese nuts .. I love it!

I don't know about you all! 
But I like the japanese nuts so much!
I believe they are mad out of rice ......
any how ... Do you like it as well?

oh!  u think this is a silly post why did I post it?
Well :D because I'm eating them right now 
and they are so delicious ..
 and I can't hold my self not to share this yummy thing with you 

I hope your weekend was great! ..
Tomorrow is a working day! 
Good Night


نزهاويه said...

انا غرامي المكسرات اليابانيه
عادي اخلص الكيس مكله بروحي مره وحده
بس ديري بالج فيهم وايد كالوريز و دهون :)

O X Y G E N said...

* hallah lil.D
long time wallah
How are u sis?

anyway, afa laish ma 3zmteeni
dsht 5a6ri wallah looolz xPp
hana Oo 3afyah 3la 8albch
i'll try it one day

Thx 4 sharing this out