Monday, October 24, 2011

Healthy Food: Steamed Vegetables ~

I try my best to keep my skin and hair looks good .. by going to doctors and take vitamins or creams!, But I've never try to change my food, like eating vegetables! ... When I was on a diet (by my own), I didn't eat enough vegetables or fruits, so my blood was really going down! .. I had a lot of other problems beside hair fall and pale skin! .. Now I'm changing my food style, to eat vegetables every day! ... I tried steamed vegetables with some seasoning, It was yummy! .. 

The Machine I used is from philips: Philips Steam Cooker * 

It is multi layers, where you can use them all or only one!
I like to cook my food on steam :) it tastes yummy! 
*only if you put the right seasoning and herbs*

I hope you like it! 
Be~ Healthy 

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