Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nintendo 3DS لعبتي اليديدة ... !

Well, I can't see new nintendo system without trying it! I just love nintendo .. !
so I was checking www.nintendo.com , and I learn about Nintendo 3DS! 
I went to Sharaf DJ - Al Ain Mall~ 
and I got my new nintendo system~ 

At first I didn't like it :( so small and games in 3D !
but later on I fall in love :D .. 

Currently I only have
Super Mario 3D Land

Inshalla when I learn more about it I will write a good review :D
until then!!! 
See Ya 


Ahmed said...

any idea when the new wii is coming out? if they can make a 3DS, what can they do to the wii? =D

Baby21 said...

I Love ur blog my dear ... pls have a look at mine and i welcome ur suggestions