Saturday, November 24, 2012

Conflict ..

I draw this drawing when I was shocked,
that's how my face was when I had that conflict.
You know when you are close to someone?
Then you have this normal conflicts? 
but one day this conflict reveal things?
or you get the words wrong?
it just hurts so much! 

 I don't like to go through conflicts, 
Usually it hurts my heart and I get silent, 
otherwise I will talk non-stop.

I believe that when one side absorbs the problem,
it makes things go smooth, 
I mean one will be angry the other would be calm,
even if I was the one who have the right to be angry,
I just care about the other party.
If not,
I wish that the other party just absorbs my anger! ... 
Cuz .. it won't work otherwise!  

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