Monday, November 26, 2012

How hard it is to keep your mind free for me?

How awkward it is, when you think someone came all the way just to talk to you, then you notice that this is not right, and it is only your thoughts!, I just felt like this when I was talking to a friend whom I thought is here for me, Yes we were talking but with (half brain)! I can't deny that having a person you like around you feels good, but it does not feel good when you know that they are not actually with you! 

I admit that lately I got distracted with blackberry, usually all my attention is to my friends when they talk, but lately they are trying to take it off my hands because I'm half brained with them! .. Do I Blame Them? I just knew how it feels.

I was almost sleeping when this thought came to me, I thought that writing will make me feel better as usual, a lot of thoughts in my mind regarding this issue! .. I'm just thinking, that when I'm with my friends, I just can't stop talking, giggling, teasing them and also fighting with them! I know I make a big miss around, I like to shock them with some comments intentionally, because I love with I see them laughing or smiling or embarrassed. My friends knows me well, they know that my silence isn't something good! They know that my silence isn't just for the sake of being silent! ... But with some people I do really feel that I have no other option! ..

For example:

No matter what I say to my friends, they would still hear my nonsense, they will even continue with what I'm saying! 

My friends knows when I tease them about something I don't keep any bad feeling inside my heart! ... 

My friends knows I'm Super Imaginary person, they always tease me about that, and they don't mind to hear about my dreams and my imaginations, rather, they will dream with me and imagine with me! ...

My friends laugh hard with me when I do! because they can feel the laughers with me ...

With my friends I don't even care what will they think about me because I know they will never get me wrong and if they did they will ask me! ...!  Any how eventually I would how do they think about me either by their actions or their words ...

The thing is, that with some people it is really hard! .. because you can't be sure of what they think about you, or would they accept your nonsense, or dream with you or even accept your imaginations about things that might not happen! ... Being silent is all what you have in your hand, maybe it is not your choice, it is your brain which decide to be locked! ..

Another thing is, that it does not feels good when you are into someone, and they just give you half of their brains or even less! You become under two choices, accepting the fact that they are with you with half brains, because you really miss them and love spending time with them, or you just leave them alone until they are 100% with you! ... two choices hard to choose from~

At the end, I really don't like when I have an idea about someone, I mean a good thought! (he/she did this for me .. they meant good .. they came for me ..... etc) and then I know that this is only in my could 9 thoughts, while the truth is, they are not. I just hate to feel naive or stupid. 

Note: The photo is taken by me in Lucern / Switzerland , those couples where chatting for a long time over the bridge which connect the old town to the other side! ... Although I hate to take pictures of other people, yet I just wanted to have such moments like them! ...~ a Fact! 

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