Sunday, June 16, 2013

Heavy eyelids ~

Since couple of days I feel my eyes are hurting me so much, I don't know if it is exposure to sun or to the work computer as am working on the computer more than before! .. anyhow it really hurts! and my eyes looks small and funny, my colleagues at work has noticed that -_-, so funny but painful :( .. I hope I get well soon I can't take this pain -_- .. here is a small drawing of how do I look today but with pretty big eyes lol.

It was really along day, a lot of companies are waiting for me to get their papers ready beside auditing that those papers are the right ones -_- Gosh when will this just end!


mayed almuhairi said...

hehe you just make me laugh Lol
i think its from the PC :(

lil.D said...


laughing while am in pain :@ how cruel