Saturday, June 15, 2013


As humans, we keep thousands of memories in our brain, maybe millions! But only the memories that affect us someway goes and comes back. I've been fighting to lose a lot of memories, bad ones and good ones, some good memories that I wish I can go back to live again, and bad ones that I wish I've never get to cross them.

Today I was thinking about some memories that goes back to 2009! hits me couple of days ago with the same feelings, something happened again, and I can't help not to remember how much I used to cry, I used to whine about! I did everything to cut off the (reason) why I'm crying, why I'm sad! .. but deep down inside me I wish those memories never die! ...

In a touch of magic, I went through everything again! .. having a good memories again, even better than before, those memories made me laugh as I never did, feel beautiful and cheerful as I never did before, but as usual! there is always an END. 

There is always an END for everything, but this time rather than crying for months or years, I decide to smile on what Allah gave me! ... To smile on nice memories I had, touchy feelings I felt, and to smile on the END itself.

Sometimes we can't just say Good Bye, I fear planned goodbyes, my body shacks in pain among goodbyes, my eyes force me to cry and my lips zips the screams inside me. When Ends happens, I believe we only have two choices, either to cry and hate everything (and I tried that), or to smile and wish for a happy start (and that's what I'm planning to do).

I just feel, my pain is build up on something inside me, which never lets go of anything I believe it is mine *Smiles*. 

And btw! I can't recall when did I used photoshop before! a very bad design, just to hold on a memory :).


mayed almuhairi said...

soo truth .. ahh i wish how i can throw my bad memoirs:(( and keep the good ones .. but this is the life :( thanks god
and this part Influenced my feelings

Today I was thinking about some memories ETC :(

mayed almuhairi said...

and BTW i loved design ^^

lil.D said...

I'm sorry that I brought back for you some memories that you don't want to remember! .. it is never in our hands, especially with things we really want to let go and forget </3