Friday, October 25, 2013

Welcome to my thoughts~*

It is amazing how some people can affect your life, either if they affect it positively or negatively. I fall in love with smart people whom I can get a long talk with! .. people whom can understand me well, and never judge me for my thoughts! well, let me share with you some of my thoughts, 

Going to Oregon, this was never in my calendar! but the thought of sharing a good moments with people you love in a stunning nature is amazing! ... to see all those cute animals (specially the racoons) and whiled ones! to go on trips and to see the redwoods! .. such place is now no more in my wish-list as it is very far away and no one else is interested to take me there! 

Being who am I! I've grown up being so shy and don't have the confidence to meet new people, mainly because I used to have excess weight! I thought even that I don't have the right to love or to be loved until I lose the weight am carrying with me *__*, that was the main mistake I've ever made in my life! and thanks to people who really love me, my friends, my family, who makes me so confident and so social and make my laugher so pure and from my heart, I'm blessed with people who believed in me! .. who pushed me to continue my study, and keep telling me (You are Different, You can Do it)! .. 

Northern Lights, as much as I hear a lot of people laughing at me when I say I will go to north-pole or iceland or Alaska or siberia to watch the Northern Lights! I had even more people who shared me the same dream! .. to rise our eyes to the sky and see How beautifully Allah Created those colours! 

Lavender Field, when every one said you can't do it! only one person told that I can! .. I got the seeds! but I need little motivation to start, one day! I will have my own lavenders, inshalla.

Secret Garden, not a real garden, it is a garden in my thoughts that I have all my secret shared with only one person! .. to smile and giggles on some evil plans! .. in this secret garden I allow myself to laugh as I never do around people! and to act as I want, and to say whatever in my mind, and also just be Me!.

Pull me up, when I'm down!.. those! .. who pulled me up when I'm down! when I faced bad time, stood beside me! .. they told me you are way better than what you think, and whatever happen to you is for a reason, and now live your life and be happy! ... Those people make me imagine everything bad could be happened to me! and be grateful for how well I'm! ... 

When I close my eyes, my soul never rests! .. however I'm really grateful for whoever make me smile, laugh, and happy! ... for whoever listened to me when I cried to whined ... for whoever believed in me! ... for whoever saw that I'm different and they like it. I hate to feel down! to cry or to be sad! .. sometimes thinking of people around me makes me happy! .. I even sometimes wear some jewellery which I got from my close friends to feel them around me and smile! .. well ... I hope that I can affect peoples lives in a positive way! as much they are doing to me~* Luvkum Akthar Shy


Anonymous said...

يقولون: لا عليك إن شاب رأسك وقلبك ينبض بالشباب.. قياساً, ليس على البشر أن يقلقوا من الأحزان, ما دامت القلوب تنضح بالسعادة!.

قلبك دافئ.. جداً.
حافظي عليه..
واستمري.. رغم الذي مضى.

Anonymous said...

من أكثر الأشياء الجميله التي قرأتها مؤخرآ. جميل جدآ أن تكون لنا أحلامنا الخاصه وأن نؤمن بها وأن نحاول تحقيقها ما أمكن أما أجمل ما في الكون أن نكون محاطين بمن يحبوننا كما نحن من دون أن نتجمل ،وأن نجد من يرفع من معنوياتنا عند هبوطها. أسعدك الله ووفقك وأدام لك كل من حولك

Fajer Mohammad said...

One dream i can relate to is the secret garden part, all i keep thinking is i wish to marry someone that i can be around 100% me, with all my imperfections and not be ashamed of my thoughts or the things i love, to share the past sad, embarrassing stories and spill all the stupid teenage experiences to simply just be me.
now that would be a great thing to happened!

P.S. loved your post. xo