Monday, November 10, 2008

Eclipse ..

Those current days are so nice, nice weather, nice wind, and nice atmosphere. I really enjoy sting out in the night time, drinking tea, and chatting with my family.

Today no one was here, but my mother, she had some work to do in the house, and I decided to stay out alone. Isn't it a nice feeling when the wind tickle your cheeks? Playing with your hair? .. Even if you close your eyes you won't think about any thing but the good ones.

I got my book ( Eclipse ) with me, I wrote about the series few times in the blog ( Twilight series ) ...

It is the third book of the series, and it is very very nice book, it is even better than the ( new moon ) ... Twilight, was really very nice book, It makes me so enthusiastic while reading it, but this enthusiasm went down a little bit in ( new moo ), But it is really coming strongly with the ( Eclipse ) .. I'm in the 4th chapter and yet!! I really can't wait to continue it.

I hope that all of you have a very nice (Winter) lol I guess I'd rather say (Spring), I wish all of you enjoy this weather with their families and going out :) ... Don't wast your time indoor while you can have such a nice weather outside !! ...

Take care all


Anonymous said...

i can see why u r enjoying the weather these days !! and will tell u later why!!?

however, it is really nice weather these days specially in the deserts and mountain areas, even in the cities i was talking to my family to go tomorrow and have our lunch at khaldiyah park coz it is really nice

coming to our main point why u r happy coz of the weather !!! thats because u enjoy jogging this time !!! the weather is nice so u walk with no sweating and no humidity and ur skin dos not get burned !
coz if u walk while u sweat u will have to go home change ur clothes, wash them and expense the water !! spcially for washing them and shower prpose
plus the skin will get damged in the summer and now u will not have to put a sun protection og get ur skin treated which is again save of money !!!!!!? right loooool see i got u lol

well, what is the weight now !?


lil.D said...

Well, it is good that you are going to take your family for a trip :) .. the weather is really nice ... and every one should go out ^_^ ..

About why I love the weather ^___^, well I don't go out to have a walk actually .. so all your theory is Wrong >_< .. I just take my book and set in the garden ... or setting out and chat with family, that's all :P ... I'll leave washing thing for you lol ... Man you have a Diff. Mind!

Thanks for passing by, and about the weight, not yet :) .. I don't wanna see how much I do weight :(

Anonymous said...

hi lil !
i loove your post
so you think eclipse better that new moon ?? i dont think so :p im reading new moon now
and can i add you in twitter my name is inour55 so you will know me :>