Thursday, January 8, 2009

Starting my own business ...

Good morning every one! ... I feel like it is a very long time since I blogged something!! ... Well, I really felt sick from facing the computer, That's all what I can say! ... however, there are a lot of things in my mind and I need to translate them from my thoughts to here! .. Any how, Missing my Blog ^_^ ..

Well, since years, every time I try to start my own business, I cancel the idea at the last minute, I had many good ideas, but what's the use if you have the ideas and you are not applying them? .. some of the reasons that stopped me were: (I'm a girl, I can't go out a lot, Being alone in business .. etc). I had an idea, which I was 60% finishing it, was canceled due to (Not taking me seriously at home) I was little younger! .. but Imagen later I found the same idea in my City, and it is one of the successful businesses, since then, my family start to take in consideration my ideas.

I did try before some business (designing websites) I did couple of websites which I'm proud of. I also did some other things as well, all related to websites and graphic designing. I adore designing! I really really love to design! I feel designs takes my stress away and all the bad thoughts! .. lately, I quit designing to have a time for (UAEISSUE). It is a really nice site which I love, but it took a lot of my time!

Now I'm thinking seriously to go back to my old ideas, and start my own business, I finished the first step!! and looking forward to finish the whole project. I hope that you all going to support me in that. I'm so enthusiastic!! .. and due to this enthusiasm, I designed this card for you all =), inshallah you're going to like it.



Anonymous said...

الله يوفقج يارب

تستاهلين كل خير

عيبتني الكارد

desires said...

i strongly encourage you

allah yewafgch isA

and be sure that i'll be one of your customers ..

G.l sweetheart

desires said...

oh forgot to say ,, that u have to make discounts for us ,,looool


Manal said...

أتمنى لج كل التوفيق يا ليل