Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another Working Day~

I really feel that work make me stop doing a lot of things that I like to do, I come back home so exhausted, and even get more tired by thinking that the next day is a working day =( .. unfortunately I couldn't have a pleasant weekend this time, I had to study for my IELTS TEST and I had it today, so no weekend for me =(!!!! thinking to run off job tomorrow earlier :( ... !!

I really need to re-schedule my time :( and give myself a little treat :( !!

-_- Have a Nice Week all ~


asoola said...

oh sweet heart we share the same problem and yah it's sucks ..
since i started studying in the university i lost lots of lovely people and gr8 things coz there's no time :"/ to every thing any more ..

may Allah bless us and our time ..

love u sweety =)

ماسه الكون said...

الله يكون في عونج

لا تنسين الأجر وجددي نيتج

نراكِ في القمة