Thursday, March 11, 2010

lil.D on a Mug!!! Kawaiiiiiiiiii

I saw my sister in low printing her kids photos on a mug
and since long time I wanted to have my own lil.D Mug
and not only that, but stationary as well
{Hopefully I will do it soon inshallah}

So she encourages me to give her lil.D photo with Text!!
and she printed them for me XD ... I liiiiiiiike it ... kawaiii!

*Click to Enlarge*

Other side of the Mug!!


Dear Romeo said...

love the idea
I might do this.. it seems fun
it would b really cool 2 have some stationary with my pics on them
when u do get the stationary, let us have a look ;p

Charisma said...


I loved it..

want to do so some time..

this my email as u have requisted


Anonymous said...

Hello Lil.D =)
Hey! That's awesome
I would like to make my own stuff on mugs too!
Do you have any idea how your in law did it 4 ya?
Is it special kinda printing paper/sticker?!


Charisma said...

Hi again sis..

I'm planning to start a bussiness

i would like to know the name of

the paper u used to pint the design

and what printer u used or were

i can do it..

thax a lot

miss u