Thursday, April 15, 2010

I just love cats !!!

I really want to have a cat, but I don't have time to take care of kittens any more!! I guess this is the longest period passed on me without having a cat! since I was 1 Day old!! kittens were around me! ... how can I stop having them!! ... I miss my cat voices when she sleep, when she try to protect me when kids play with me, when she sit beside me when I study, when we lay together in front of the heater in winter, I really miss the days when my cat sit on my sofa and I yell at her to sit on ground, I miss going shopping to bring her accessories (which she didn't like to wear) and bringing her food!! ... and I really miss when we gather to eat and she sit beside us waiting for someone to give her food! without jumping around. I miss my cat and how my parents used to take care of it!! ... The truth is!! that I tried to get a {MALE} cat!! I HATE MALE KITTENS @@, I got him because he was so little and so cute! I thought he will play around and make fun every where! after one week keeping him in home without going out (until he is familiar with the place), I took him out for a walk!! after two days he followed a street female kitten and guess what!!! he never came back!! Guys are the same :P kittens or humans ..... *Giggles* any how! I really really love cats, and I draw this while I was thinking to get new {Female} Cat.


شاي الضحى said...

i hate CATS ;p

lavender's aroma said...

أنا ما أحب القطاو ،، أحب أطالعهم بدون ما أجيسهم ...

Na3omi said...

I love CATS too

lil.D said...

شاي الضحى:
You love Fayooooolz :P

lavender's aroma:
Long Time No See!!! Welcome dear
Kittens are so cute!