Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Cup of Coffee at work ,,

(1) Weight Vs Coffee
I hate when my weight just goes up! and I wonder is it because I eat chocolate a lot or because since one week I'm drinking the Coffee that the office boy prepare? it has a lot of (RainBow), which I already know that it is full of fat! .. I should cut both of those things!

(2) Nice person
I really like *K*, she work with us and when you first see her you will not get the right first impression! but this girl prove in the second, third, and forth impression that she is so unique and different. I thought she follow the *Free Life* path! but she always read Athkar, pray, read islamic things, and Well! I notice she is so skillful in a lot of things! I just love to talk to her :)

(3) Smile to mean people
I hate when I get I know there are people who smile to my face, and talk about me on my back, I tried to be mean to them and I tried to think how should I treat them, but the thing that happen at the end, that I seriously smile to them and treat them well! .. and I just hate that!

(4) Face Cover 
A Daily question I have, WHAT WILL YOU DO IF VIEL *NE8AB* IS NO LONGER ACCEPTED AT THE WORK PLACE? I don't know why people freaks me out with those questions! I really don't know if I will be able to work like that! It is funny that one day my face is covered and the other it is not! .. PPL Get a life and stay away from my face cover!

(5) Gossips 
I hate when one employee try to be funny or fool around, they know I don't like to communicate with any one more than the range of work, why do some people can't understand that! I know I might be stone head, but this is who am I! I work in a place where if the girl smile they think that this smile hide other intentions! .. Do they expect that It doesn't matter for me? I hate Gossips and I'm not ready to get some!

(6) Promotion
I badly want to have promotion, not because I want increase in my salary (where I don't mind if it happen) but I feel it as a reward to my achievements and my hard work (YES I'M HARD WORKING) however, in my work place, personal relationships Wins! ..

My manager is so moody, one day he is smiling and cheer me up, and the other he is so mad and angry only God knows why! .. I didn't know what to do with him but saying YES SIR YES whenever he ask for something! I would say YES SIR YES if he ask me to go to the moon! Do I even have a choice?

(8) My Own Office
Before I hated the idea of having my own office, but now I really want that, because I can kick people who I don't want to see, or control the place more than now! .. Sometimes I just can't say anything when I see "unwelcome" people in my office! They finish their work with my colleague.

(9) Being silent Vs Big Bang! 
I wonder why people think if you keep silent then you don't have work! I hate when one of the guys talk every day all the time how busy he is! while as a group we know he has low pressure in work, however his method of Big Bang thing make every one thinks he is the best! .. I tried it for period of time and it works! .. PPL! See the outcomes not the blablabla !!

(10) I wish I can shut up
I really wish that I could well choose my words, I used to be direct person, but not any more! .. and I'm trying to change more to shut up! .. when I get angry I should get lost! far away from work! .. better than what could happen if I stay :D

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نهــــــــــار said...

السلام عليكم..
وحليلج يا ليل
جد سوالفج حلوه
خاطري أفهم يعني البلاد ممزوره بالمنقبات والحياه ماشيه
ويشتغلن وكل الأمور تمام ليش يقعدون يزنون
الصراحه إمشي وكلي إلي في خاطرج لا تحرمين عمرج من شي
عيبتني سالفة كيك ذيم آوت
هذي فايدة المكتب الخاص
موفقه حبيبتي