Saturday, December 27, 2008

Looking Stupid =( ... !

Some times, you throw yourself in the middle of stupidness!! .. don't ask me how!! .. because it is obvious!! .. I'll give you some examples of: HOW CAN YOU LOOK STUPID? .. some of those examples is when you wear some normal home clothes, and you run fast in the middle of the house, trying to catch something, then in all sudden!! you find a visitor setting in the living room, looking at you with a shock eek, Well, I don't blame them for the shock!! they don't know what's wrong with Me running here and there in all sudden!.

The same can me applied when you visit some one, you think that there is no one at home (as they told you), then you act the way you want, suddenly! you find yourself looking stupid in front of some other members of the house, and you are just standing idle doing nothing but looking with wide eyes at them eek, or your face turns to colors redface, at the end!! you will really look either stupid, or a poor person.

Or let me tell you this, Some times you try to act innocent and Gentle rolleyes, then some one who share the gathering of your friends, start to tell others some old stories, and you try to smile or laugh, but it is a FAKE laugher !! you just look like this: surprised acting cool, while you are thinking how to kill this person who remind others of those silly stories while, Really, you will look so stupid by that time.

I remember once, I was in a rush in the university, I was walking fast, then in all sudden I found myself facing the floor!! Yep mrgreen!! I fall down in front of other girls, and you know what makes me look stupid? lol that I stand up again, cleaning my clothing, then I walked I continued my way as nothing happened lo0o0ol rolleyes.

When I Feel shy, I just want to close my eyes, Maybe when I do so, No one will see me!! I know there will be someone looking, but trying to convince my self that no one is looking at me as long as I don't see them redface. I know it is childish!! but can you find any other way to hide your self when you look stupid? ...

Drawing by: Illustrator CS3.
Colored by: Photoshop CS 3.


Lad Of Murbah said...

He he he he
Fantastic post
and nice des.

Thanks LILD84 ...


mr.mtwa3 said...


ما بقول غير ... لوك هير

^ ^

inourasha said...

hiiiiiiiiiiii........... thats funny.......
u remind me of myself... u've notice when im shy i just pt my head into a pillow.... smtimes i turn red and i just wave my hands to have sm air.... looool...........

~ ألـوآن رمادية ~ said...

ههههههه عادي ياليل
انا نظرات الحمدلله والشكر اتلقاها في كل مكان حتى صارت عندي مناعه خخخ
اهم شي الوناسه
اجل تراكضين وشخص غريب موجود ><

lil.D said...

Lad Of Murbah:

thanks ^___^ .. glad that you like it, but really I don't wish it for any one :(

lil.D said...

مستر مطوع:

هههه اول مره اشوف الموضوع
ضحكتني صدق من خاطر

بعد فشلاتك انت غير شكل >_<

lil.D said...


lol you do more than that :D especially with your anime expressions.

I was waiting for u and u didn't come

lil.D said...

ألوان رمادية:

ههههه مستحيل مناعه 100% ماصدقج .. ساعات الواحد ينحط في مواقف بااايخه

تخيلي انا طالعه قبل دقيقه الصاله ماحد كان فيها .. ويوم طلعت اربع لقيت حد غريب ... ف ش ل ة

inourasha said...

hi!! about cming... my dad came that day... and i stayed with hem... i had fun... i'll reschadual our meeting insha-allah ~_^
yah and about my anime expressions u have to show me... smtime i do that at work n' i need to stop doing it....

Morning said...

ذكرتيني بموضوعج عندما يأخذهم الحماس وتفقده

توني أفهم الموضوع يوم حد يسولف وانتي تبتسمين ابتسامة صفراء..

ياما تحصل والله عادي جداً..خاصة يوم تكون المناسبة غير لائقة بالأساس..مثلا سايرة تزورين وحدة في المستشفى..والموجودات ماتعرفينهن..بس فجأة وحدة تقربلج إتم تيب قصص سخيفة ولا مالها داعي عنج

ذكرتيني بموقف فضيحة صدق..في مول الإمارات..من 7 شهور يمكن..المهم كنت شالة ولدي الصغيرون وماشية في الفود كورت وشوي تزلق ريلي وفي ثواني طحت طيحة مدوية والمشكلة لأني شاله ولدي عقيت عمري على الأرض قبله حتى لا يتعور وشوفي عاد شكل الطيحة كيف..لوووول أنا ركبي وجسمي انهد تقريبا..وغمضت عيوني حسيت إنه ودي الأرض تنشق وتبلعني..ماوعيت إلا على صوت السيكيورتي..ماااااام آر يو أولرايت..مااااااااااااااااام ههههههههه والفود كورت تحول من صجة وأصوات صحون وخواشيق وضحك إلى صمت مطبق يتريوني أقوم

والله فضيحة بجلاجل

Aussie said...

Dear Lil'D

Falling down is no fun at any time, even less so when others are around to see us. Fortunately, as we get older, we care less about what others may think (do any of them ever fall?) and are happy when nothing is damaged and we are able to rise up and be on our way, without injury.

The only way to prevent being seen at an inconvenient moment at home is to check first that no visitors are present, maybe by listening. If we ring ahead and people are expecting us, we can avoid that mutual embarassment.

Happy New Year, sweet daughter.

In Australia