Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ponyo on the cliff by the sea

I saw this movie today on TV! .. 
It is very very cute! .. I like :) ~
I don't know if u remember Totoro? 
and the howls moving castle?
also Hotaru No Haka
and spirited away

If you like those movies, you will like Ponyo too :D .. 
But I saw that Disney produced this movie! 
It has higher graphic quality, however I like the old style!


1 comment:

سمو الأميرهـ ..ツ said...

جفت الفلم قبل فترة ..يمكن شهر ..
كاان عجيييب

عيبوني اليهال يوم يركضوون
أحس يحمسوني ...شوي واركض معاهم

ما أعرف ليش حسيته مب بمستوى
spirited away و howl's moving castle

و أظن اول مره ديزني تنتج انمي من هالنوعية