Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back To School ! Back to Exams

Every time I intent to write something in my blog, I just feel so lazy
I have a lot of things in my mind I would like to share it 
but when I click new post! I just feel that I don't anymore! 

Any how am back to school! .. it is examinations time!
Pray for me ! ! ! 

Currently I feel kindda sad, it is not easy when family move out .. 
especially when you get used to them, hear them always around!!!

I'm not in the mood to study .. not even to  go to work! ... Allah Kreem!


Al3enawyA said...

هلا لييل
شخبارج؟ <<غبار ها!!
حطي كمامات خخخ
والله تعرفين حاسه بحالتج..مرن علي شهوور اعوووذ بالله صايره نحيسه ماحب اكلم حد ولا اكتب حرف..
بس الحمد لله تحسنت الحالة الحين..
بالتوفيق الغاليه في الاختبارات والشغل ربي يوفقج ان شاء الله..

نهــــــــــار said...

السلام عليكم
موفقه أن شاء الله
والله يعينج :)
دمتِ بخير