Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Give Me Coffee!

Today I received a very funny picture from my lil.Sis! 
I love Garfield ! 

Also I usually start my day with this photo, I save it in my phone! my email! even my work mail! lol
This is how I look like every morning!

And ppl! ... Why don't you email me much! ..
I hate BlackBerry =( It took the nice pretty emails from me .. !
Any how! ... :-) ... I feel my blog is full of dust! 
During weekend I shall post part 2 of Muscat inshallah :D 

See You Later! .. I gotta Go to my books 

1 comment:

Al3enawyA said...

good morning lil D

i hate BB too..

and this is what i like to see every morning,

hehe.. have a nice day