Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Help me, I hate my job!

Currently this is how I feel toward my job! .......
Although I have a very good manager that I'm lucky to have
but the over-trust in me make me feel upset! ......

I hate when my manager take decision on my behalf! 
Thinking that I never say NO! .. Why would I! 
If I'm okay with what he says, it does not mean I will in future! 

My manager decided to do something ... and the result?
I don't want to go to work, I feel sad, upset, and shy!
people are making some jokes at me! .. because he didn't ask!

Once upon a time, lil.D was happy in her work! 
But really not anymore! .. Should I look for a new job?
Should I talk to my manager? what if he insist on what he wants?

Truly, I know not everybody do what they like! 
But I refuse to do new tasks that I hate, 
because another employee don't want to do his job!
I refuse to do new tasks and feel sad,
because the other guy is not happy with his possition! 

Why Me! .. Manager .. Why Me?

I wish I can tell you on the face,
That you make me so Disappointed, 
You are not whom I think you are ..

One day I thought I'm lucky for a nice department
Now I want to run away! ...


مختلف said...

1- think carefully about the overall situation ..
do not make it bigger than it is or even smaller !
2- talk to your manager in diplomatic way..
and then decide what you really want!!
either to quit the job and start new one or to continue.

Sometime you have to be strict !!

best of luck ^_^

el.7azeen said...

Hi lil.D,

Please don't let this things make you upset, this is the life so easy so difficult, you will find lot of things like what you have now around the world, in any different the work placement, this things we can change it to be better, but Behavior of human we can't, by your way you can make your life better than your eyes see!

Good Luck Friend.

Asma said...

you know that such situations are the ones that would strengthen you! Its now the time to raise ur voice and clearly state ur demands.. so that u'll not be taken for granted anymore !
Dont think of changing jobs just coz some ppl made changes to the job u like ;)