Saturday, December 10, 2011

A day to relax~

After complaining about my work, I had really hard time on Thursday, I hocked up in 3 meetings from 8 AM until 2:30 PM! .. (break for prayer and lunch) ... I can't say I fall into troubles and I can't say am in a safe mode! .. actually to be good, I should work harder next week to cover up for myself and my team! .. I should plan well and do my job even better! .. (yet lately I screwed up!) .. 

Seriously, after the whole stress on thursday (mental stress), I had a nice time in my brother house, my sister in law prepared a barbecue for us (me, mom, and my cousins)~ I had a nice time and I laughed a lot! Mainly because my Aunt kept saying very funny Swalif! .. Then on friday~ It was totally a family day, where mom decide to sit at home and gather with my brothers and their children~ It was a nice day.

On Saturday {Today}~ I told mom to forget about me totally! and she was shocked! ... and I insist that I deserve A DAY OFF! .. or I will die  -_-"! .. so my day off was mainly in Tips & Toes {  remember my friend Meeemah whenever I go there as she always go there and my first time in Tips & Toes was a gift from her}~ ... With the recommendation of my friend *M*~ I decided to try the Moroccan bath there, to say the truth the best thing there is that it is so clean! .. I also did Massage, Body cure and manicure and blow-dry my hair ... I guess the price for all of that was overwhelming! .. 520 AED! ... any how :) I feel am refreshed ... and ready to work! ... I should really have my DAY OFF more often! ... 

Before doing my master, I used to have my day off every Thursday! .. but with my classes and also my work! I forgot about myself! .. I looked so tired .. :) am glad am done with my study! ... and that am having my Day Off again!~ 

when I finished I went to have lunch with mom~ She ordered Classic Chicken and I ordered lasagna~ Supper yummy! .. :) ... then I Went shopping and I end up resting a little bit in my room :D before we start our daily Fire-Party! .. (nwarri el'6aw o nshrab shy with family)~

Tomorrow is a new day! hopefully it will carry with it all good and happiness! 


~أم حرّوبي~ said...

yyyyay i want a day off also i wanna cry i have pretty much load as u ahhhh really a need a week off not a day ....the pic loooks very ymmyyy wanna have i bite :P

yes u should have a day off more often its useful and healthy ^^

نهــــــــــار said...

السلام عليكم...
تستاهلين يوم راحه :)
المهم إنج صرتي فريش ومستعده للمهام المقبله
موفقه :)