Friday, September 12, 2008

Only for Cats lovers, What kind of cat are you???

I did the test with dreamy choices first mrgreen, I got something else which is not like me mrgreen!!!, I tried the real choices, and I got this redface!! The thing is, that this cat is identical with my Real Cat at home!! .. and the result of the test here more realistic than the one which I played with lol .... Hope you like it .. But from your point of view, is it like me? or what? mrgreen

I'll be glad to see the result of your test if you tried it! .. rose

What kind of cat are you?
The evidence is in, and you are undeniably the personality type of a:

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inourasha said...

Nooda said...
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Nooda said...

loooooovely test *hehe*

it appeared that am a Norwegian Forest Cat.. And its the type of my latest smokey ^_^

lil.D said...


Ya salam :) that was the same resute of the answers I played with :S .. isn't it look like your last cat?

ماقلت لج حطي عنوان المدونه مع اسمج :(

lil.D said...


Strange how we met the same types of our kittens!! .... nice to meet you Norwegian Forest Cat ;) ...