Monday, September 22, 2008

Some of my designs ...

This is my latest Logo design for a school library:
((all drawn by me except the flower))

This one for a Working Group:

These two where suggestions for a wood company:



I was playing so this one was just a trial to design a Hair products Logo:

This one as well:

And I was designing a business card for me *Click to Enlarge*:

This is all for now :) I hope you liked my designs .. See ya later


|[ محد شراتي ~ said...

ماشاء الله عليج

كل تصميم احلى عن الثاني

> منو يقولي انه ماله بارض للتصميم ؟

خلينا انشوف هالتصاميم الزينه ولا تخلينهم في اللاب هههههه

lil.D said...

هلا وغلا .. محد شراتي

هيه والله مالي بارض تصميم مول

هههههه بس عاد قلنا نسوي افراج لهن ونطلعهن من اللاب

شكرا محد شراتي ع المتابعة الدائمه

Nooda said...

Your desigs are so original and unique .. wayed 7abeet-hum .. 5ala9 if i ever need a design i won't ask anyone but you hon ^_^

lil.D said...


aww, it is so sweet of you, it will be my pleasure :) ...