Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Noon Visit~ My best friend ...

First of all, it is not my B-day mrgreen Thanks in advance for your greetings, But my my friend noon decided by herself to send me such a nice gift (which is her visit) in my not birthday birthday (I hope you read it right?).

I took some shots of what she got redface, She made my day (I had the worst day yesterday~ and she changed my mood in less than 30 minutes) ...

She missed up with my diet sadsadsadsadsadsad

This card is the best card I've received ever, it is so funny lol
when you move the card the rabbit start dancing lol

Inside the Card:

On the envelop:
" and you are the best friend ever ya noon"

I didn't want to show the gift, but I wrote this for you noon:

To all my friends~ ... If I'm away, forgive me~ life isn't easy, and if you are away, I'm sure, as good friends, that I'm in your mind :-) ...~ If I didn't call, don't be angry at me, just call me, and I'm happy to hear all the complains (at least I'll hear your voice :D or read your email).

Thanks noon for the great day :) and CAKE


Twinkle said...

When i was reading your post, i remembered these words :

"Give me one friend, just one, who meets the needs of all my varying moods."

and you find her :)

Congratulation dear not for your B-day trick , But for your real friend :)

MissFikrah said...

Mashallah what a great surprise,,

tstahlean ya lil.D and your friend is so sweet and thoughtful,,,

Congratz for having such a friend in this life.

пooп said...

walla you made me laugh when I read "in my not birthday birthday" loool
the most important thing in the whole post is my BEAUTIFUL hand writing ==
honestly .. I didn't plan the other day to visit you but I felt that I want to see you ..
and chab sho thank you ba3ad ==
am your soul mate no thanks between us --

am so glad that I made your day

fdaitsh fad wo fad .. fdaitsh ma shratsh 7ad
*read it with b el 7ayrie accent*


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