Sunday, June 21, 2009

i~ post}~


Hi every one, how are you? I know it is strange this time to write as I'm speaking with you! but well yeah, I'm talking to the person who is reading now my words, what do you think of my blog? my entries? posts? ideas? do you think there is something that I have to consider in this blog? If not, please enjoy your stay.

Note: there is a new blog under my blog called {Emails Station}~ you can check it out from my profile tell the official opening :D.

I Search}~

Try my new search addon in the blog, it is intersting

I Miss}~

I missed the natural flowers arrangements, looking at them make me feel so good. This arrangement is so small, and so cute, every time I see it, it draws a smile on my face, the philipino guy gave me a free flower when he saw me so pleased with his arrangement, it was exactly what I asked for, and that cheered him up to give me the rose! lol

I diet}~

Now I'm joining the Diet club~ the one in applia {Al-Ain}, it called: Slim&Light, they send you food every day for your diet to your door! hopefully this time it will work :-), before I used to sleep most of the day, waking up at night to eat eat eat and eat! but now inshallah I'll have better time managment.!


I updated my ipod to the 3.0 update, now I enjoy my ipod with the Arabic keybard and clear arabic reading more than before! I'm really falling in love day after another with this ipod! I download a lot of games, applications, adding events to the calander, listening to Anasheed, and much more! I'm addicted to itunes store! and if I have the ability to buy from U.S.A store! I guess all my money will go there!

I work}~

Every day I say a lot of nonesense, and every night I promise myself that I'll wake up to zip my moth so I won't say anything unless it is something positive or has a value, other than that it should keep shut! .. but GURLS ARE GURLS~ in all the world, girls are the same! we can't zip our mouths! .. we have to share, to talk to give our openion and moreover? we judge a lot of things blindly! {don't say it is not a General case!, it is something happen most of the time, and rare to find someone different}, So inshallah tomorrow I'll zip my mouth!

:D C Ya

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