Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sugar Box~

I thought of ordering from Sugar Box Treats~ ... their Cupcakes are Yuymmy~ but the icing is so sugary~ next time I'll ask for something else~ but those are so nice really ^____^


desires said...

they really look yummy ..

although in "general" i don't like sweets ..

the drawings on the cupcakes are sooooo nice.. did u choose them?

and bil 3afya

Al3enawyA said...

hmmmm i'll be honest with you..
for me,,, they r yummy to watch lol

cuz i hate cupcakes !!! :P
and im not fan of cakes in general..
i like salty things morrreee

but bel3aaaaaaaaaaaaaaafyah dearooo

Hamda said...

Do they deliver to Alain??!! I remember calling her like 4 months ago and she said the minimum order should be 500dhs?