Saturday, June 13, 2009

Veggie Dinner~ Made by lil.D

I thought of jumbling to the kitchen and prepare dinner for my family tonight. I decided to make it a Veggie dinner, inspired by ~Daily Veggie blog~ and the menu was: wheat couscous. Vegetables.

Let us start with the Steamed Vegetables:

~ Mushrooms ~
Believe me, when you cook them on steam with salt!
You will eat something you won't forget ever surprised,

~ Carrots ~
Isn't those carrots looks cute? * I buy them from carfour *

~ Vegetables ~

~ Adding Italians touch razz ~
* Aromatic Italian herbs & Salt, Yumm Yumm *

~ Steaming the beans and the vegetables together ~

let those veggies cook, and let us go to make the salad
The salad is basically normal, but I added a magic touch to it cool

~ Salad bread ~
* You will find it in carfour *

~ Salad seasoning ~

~ Adding on it olive oil and water ~
* Mix miX mIx *

~ Drip Drop, Yummyyy ~

~ This is the salad with bread ~
* It was the best thing for the dinner, you have to try it *
SupPpPpEr YummMmmy

After finishing the Salad, mom prepared for me the couscous
Actually, I know it and I've eat it before, but never prepared it!
So mom helped me on that one *Thanks Mom* .. I got the idea
to add it to the dinner from *Daily Veggie* Blog as well redface

~ Whole wheat couscous ~

~ The end result of the Family Dinner ~
every one got ballet and chose what they wanna eat, it is nice to
enjoy your dinner with family ^__^, it feels different!!!

~ Dessert ~
Those are towels, don't wildly open your eyes on the screen biggrin
I know mrgreen They look Yummy, but they are Towels~
* Got them as a gift, Thanks my friend redface *

Now, all what I can say~ Good Night, and have a nice new week.


نواااري said...

روعة ليل شغلك كله حركات

إنسانة said...

it seems delicious,, :)
i hav 2 try it one day,,

good luck,,

Hamda said...

The best post ever..

I loved the food, I turn to a veggie when I eat out lol

everything looks perfect, However I'd prefer the salad to be cut in bigger pieces..

lOsT said...

الصراحه السلطه تشهي يبالي اجربها !

بالعافيه .. وتسلمين على الوصفات ^_||

سمو الأميرهـ said...

i really hope to be a good cooker and cooking a delicious dishes .

great job sis
keep going