Saturday, August 15, 2009

lil.D ~ Went Shopping

I couldn't stop myself from buying it!!
lol Remind me of old good times ;) ~

Any one for Attari Days~ Cold water :D

Remember the good old days of afternoons spent playing video games?

I also found this! But when I hold it! Directly I through it, Disgusting :S, My little brother start laughing at me hardly in the shop! when he so how much I felt bad when I hold the packet!! Waaa3, I swear to God I won't drink a juice or water if I have this one in it :S .. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa3, Please have a look and tell me what do you think!!!

"pick your nose"

We bought this as well, Mom was upset, she said what is this? you are just playing around? .. when she saw it she was like WHAT! lol we bought the collection of human nose as well, and mom went much angry saying it is disgusting! ... hehehehe

(mom was angry about this collection)

There are a lot of things to see and to explore, it was so intersting really to go shopping with my little brother, we had fun :) ~ If you want to buy those stuff and much more, you can Visit Virgin MegaStor~ Mercato Dubai~

our you can go for online shopping for a larger categories and items online on: Fred And Friends~

Here are other products that I thought it might be interesting,

For Milk

SaltSide out Salt Shaker

Salt and Piper~ Play Time

I hope this was interesting to share and show :)~ See you later

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