Sunday, August 30, 2009

A new Book: Act like a Lady, Think like a Man ,,,

First of all I want to say Thanks for my Friend : Catwah~ because I got the book as a gift from her.

The book is really interesting to read, it will show a lot of how the men really thinks, and it shows a part in men that Women does not know. Basically it will help married women to understand more about how men are thinking, the book goes through a lot of chapters, sometimes I was laughing about things might daily happens, make the woman upset, while she don't know why HE is acting like that? .. Again, the book is interesting to read, especially it has a simple language and simple daily situation might happen in every single house. Don't forget that whatever we read, we must take the benefit for it, not forgetting that we take what suits us as Muslims and Arabs~

I don't have much to say about the book, but I would love to add later some quotes from the book if any one interested :).


Mariam said...

I'm so happy that u like it and thank u....
with my love

naana said...

"واحبي كما تحب النساء ,,وانسي كما ينسى الرجل"

ادري هالمقوله من مستغنامي مايخصه بالكتاب ، بس ذكرني فيه

رمضان مبارك

Butterfly Chick said...


seems a really interesting book.. I would like to read it.. I will add it to the books I'm planning to buy soon inshalla..

I'll be waiting for the quotes =)

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