Monday, November 9, 2009

Boring Day At Work!!
It was really a long day at work, and a boring day as well,
when I say it is boring day, it does not mean there is nothing to do,
however I mean there are a lot of things to be done, BUT
nothing is really finish? .. you feel busy when you are not!
because your mind is just busy about pending projects!!

The worst when some one starts to blame you, and your work,
when the delay of project is not in your hand, but from higher levels
O0ops, did I say higher levels? oh yeah, From them!!
Because they have thousands of issues to take care of, and really
I don't blame them for being late to finish or review all projects,
Because Every one is waiting for them!! .. which make us wait more.

One of my colleagues today were in a real bad mood,
and when I say a bad mood, I really mean it! not like boring mood!
Because of the same issue!! .. I really feel internally bad
when I see someone try to do his/her best at work, but
the team or the leader are just hanging out in Cloud 9!!!

I sat down, drinking Moroccan tea, trying t view my email!
But even my computer in work is acting Worst!
which make the day being more boring than what already is.
and then another employees comes to you to complain,
and they complain loudly, not to you, to everyone!
just to take off words from their chests! and they won't leave!

I'm really glad that my colleague whom I told you about is here
because when ppl gather at office, I send her email:
and I forget every one and start laughing with the series of emails!

I know I'm Super Talkative, But this is me!
long time I didn't express my feelings about work *laughing*
To say the truth!
Every working day, is a new experience for me :)

Yallah G0oD Night Every One!


لطيفة الحاج said...

lol! i think am smart ;)
i like the tiny houses on the board behind you ..


S.M.G said...

so bad :(
wh dont u Scream !!

lil.D said...

لطيفة الحاج:

You are Really Smart :) .. ain't they nice?

lil.D said...


OMG OMG!! Imagine? lol
I scream at work! O La LaAAa !!

That will be News of the Day hehehe