Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I like this application for iphone/ipod :D ~ Awesome Note

I was feeling little bad, I felt like (I wish if I have a diary on my iphone + Password), actually when I search the App store, I just found a lot of nice application :D With Passwords, photo diary, voice diary, and many other cool things, But I stopped on a very nice application called (Awesome Note) ~ it is FREE and really Awesome, I will leave you guys with the photos, cuz photos can tell more than explanations :D
Awesome Note (+Todo)-icon

*Click Here for the Website - Lazem Lazem You Gotta Click :D*

*And they ask me why I love my ipod so much :D and now my iphone lol*
IMG_0108 IMG_0105

IMG_0109 IMG_0106


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