Thursday, November 12, 2009

lil.D, wasn't in a good mood~

Sometimes you think that the day is great,
But sunddely something happen to ruin you day.

Although I spend most of the day when I'm at home alone,
But it is really totally different than when you feel lonely.

lil.D~ Wasn't in a good mood tonight,
Inshallah Tomorrow ganna be better.


S.M.G said...

This is life >
What we can do ?!

lavender's aroma said...

Think about it from another angle!Surly it'll be different.
I agree that we can't prevent some thoughts.
Cry if you feel that you want to cry. talk about your pain if you feel this is a beneficial way to relive you.but don't let negative feelings control your day, and before all ask Allah to ease your issues and provide you with strength.

lavender's aroma said...

I forgot to say that I like your paint

Anonymous said...

هذه هي النفس البشرية
فأحيانا تجد نفسك مستاء من الحياه
واحيانا تشعر بالوحده والانعزالية عن الناس
البكاء احيانا يكون الحل الوحيد في هذه اللحضه .. لانك تشعر فيه بسعاده من هم انزح وراح من قلبك
واحيانا تجد التجول في حديقة المنزل حل آخر للترفيه عن النفس والاكتئاب

اختي القديره
انصحك بذكر الله وقضاء يومك في شي تحبينه
فالفراغ قاتل
واستمتعي بحياتك فالغد جميل ووممتع بما فيه

Autumn Silence

lil.D said...

I guess what we can do is praying to Allah :) .. Allah Kareem

Thanks for your passing by

lil.D said...

Lavender's aroma,

I love the lavender aroma, whenever you comment in here, I just smell it! I don't know how :)!! ... Really love your name.

It is hard for me to cry Lavender, it is really just hard, especially when I'm in a first shock situation! .. it will take me some time till I can understand and cry -_- ...

Thanks for your words, and your prayers :) I'm really better now, thanks

lil.D said...

Autumn Silence~

شكرا ياخوي ..
العزلة والوحدة شعور سيء ..
بس في بعض الاحيان فعلاً نحتاج هذي المساحة !! ..
وما خطيت .. فعلا فمثل هاللحظات .. اطلع امشي في حديقة البيت ..
وفي وقت اتاكد محد غيري بيكون فيها !! ..