Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Empty Post ?

I don't have something to say, but if I don't post something in few days, I just had that feeling! ... when I miss my blog so much!! .. Alright! .. let me tell you about some things going in my mind:

1- I don't sleep well, as I like to stay awake at night.
2- I like Baskin Robbins, my mood now is Cheese Cake!.
3- I hate the feeling when my face is dry.
4- I hate waking up early and yawning all the day at work!.
5- I ... I said a lot of I's in this post.
6- I "again", want to go to Dubai! ..
7- I feel like going to the Cinema.
8- I'm under a lot of pressure at work, it is shame that I can't focus on any thing now!
9- I start to forget easily and forget a lot of things actually!.
10- I'm so sleepy!!!

Good night Sweet Forum! ... Bloggers!! ... Friends!!! ...
< *Yawning*

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