Friday, June 4, 2010

Officialy 26 Years Old! .. And it was so Different

Usually I don't celebrate birthdays, I even don't tell any one that my birthday is coming and I refuse to disclose this information! I don't think I should celebrate the day that I was born on! I thought if I was SO GREAT my mother should celebrate having me lol. Any how this year it was so different! .. I couldn't imagine my birthday would make me laugh, feeling shy, shame, o rude o all those feelings and more together!  why rude and shame? I WILL TELL YOU! .. but let me tell you why this birthday was different!
1- It is the first time I get surprise party from my friends ( At Work! )
2- I got 2 cakes! 
3- Every one decided to celebrate my birthday and surprise me one day before (3rd of june!)
4- I got greetings from a lot of people! really =/ it was awkward.
5- I got more gifts than every other year lol which was awkward too.
6- At work, the party was for me and for Latifa Al Haj! (she is 3rd June and I'm the 4th).
7- I was rude to every one! I didn't know people arranging something! And I was so rude those past days and I don't know why! ... For example:
- My mother bought me a gift and gave it to me 2 days before and I was saying NO I DON'T LIKE THE COLOR, IT IS NOT MATCHING ... etc.
- My sister in low sent me a gift also 2 days before with her daughter, and I was asking: Sho El salfah! why every one is giving me gifts?
- My colleagues at work was trying to prepare for the party and I was so hungry and eating my pizza, they ask me to go out to call some one and I was so rude to say that I want to eat and I will call no one lol and I ruined the party!
- My friends where questioning me days before and I was replying them so stupidly! at the end I notice they were questioning me about my birthday gifts!
8- I swear all of those stupid acts were from no where! I didn't know people were arranging something lol and I didn't know, so I went to mother to apologies for my rudeness lol.
9- I had a lot of fun.
10- I expected some people to greet me but it didn't happen :-).
11- I love when I was 16 and I love it more wen I'm 26!! 
12- I learned that sharing some moments is way better than keeping them Big Secret! .. 

any how I really want to say thanks for all my family and friends! ...


شاي الضحى said...

كل عام وانتي بخير :)

هديــل said...

Happy birthday to you :)

coïncidence said...

HAppy BD 2u, kel 3am wnty b5eer

رورو الشخبوطه said...

كل عام وانتي بخير

والعمر كله..

Nora said...

happy birthday sweetie :-)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday :D winshallah al3omor kolo :D it was my sis's birthday too :D

happy 26 dear :D

el.7azeen said...

كل سنة و انتي طيبه ليل

lil.D said...

Thanks all for your wishings and sweet comments, It really makes me feel happy :) ...

Anonymous! H.B.Day to your sister XD