Thursday, October 21, 2010

It is Thursday, Weekend Starts!!

Today I decided not to go to work, I thought that I might go to Dubai to visit Gitex, and spend the night there with my family, we were thinking to go to THE ADDRESS or to INTER-CONT. Festival City, however we didn't go anywhere! I spent the morning sleeping and suffering internet! Then I spent the noon with my little brother and mother! before Maghrib prayer we decided to go to Al Jimi Mall, to buy some gifts and eating out.

I bought YSL perfume for my older brother, with some gifts for my friends who just gave birth Mashallah! .. then I went with my mom to chilis, we spent nice time there! however I didn't eat my Salad I took it home :D But I ate the Molten Cake!!! ...

Aw Yeah! I got a Grade of my last course and El7mdlilah I got good Marks :)


cutemum said...

مبرووك النجااح واحلى شي الوويكند رااحه

SealedPearl said...

امممم يبيله والله
بس انتظر ينزل الراتب عشان اطلع مع الربع هههه