Friday, October 8, 2010

Shopping at Mall of the Emirates 1 Oct 2010

I have a friend who will get married soon inshallah, last Friday I went to Dubai Mall to buy her a Gift, together with my mother and sister (With her little adorable son). I saw some strange things there, I don't know if people buy them! ... something like this shoes!

and I found also an owl bag! ok if I was in university I wouldn't min buying this bag! I JUST LOVE OWLS!

We stopped for a little break in Columbus Cafe, it is just in front of Zara I got Cappuccino with Carrot Cake! SUPER!

When I drank a little of the coffee, some words were exposed! ... (Take Time For Your Self) Aaaah I felt glad when I read it! Cuz I really have a huge load at work and school! ... It was just the perfect timing 

Then we went back shopping, at the end I left my family in Art Cafe,  to have light Dinner, I ordered a soup and I thought that I Will finish buying my final gift from Bugatti then I'll find my soup ready, any how I found this furniture for the garden! ... after sales it cost only AED 21,000 lol (it won't worth 2000 after 2 days in UAE Sun)

When I went back to Art Cafe :( My soup was cold and I didn't enjoy it as I always Do! 

:) I know the photos aren't fresh! but I really wanted to blog a nice day I spent with my mother and sister! ..


cutemum said...

اوول شي مبروووك لربيعتج

احلى شي الشووبينغ
وشهيتني بالكووفي والكيكه

رورو الشخبوطه said...

مبروك والله يوفقها يارب..

شوقتيني ع الشوبينغ ..

|:| DUBAI |:| said...

نورتي دبي

: )

~أم حرّوبي~ said...

طلعة حلوه ..عيبني شكل البوت ينفع حق الايام السودة خخخ

وحلاتها الشوربة وهي ساخنة ..


take time for yourself :)