Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cute Yum Yum!!

I've always loved to have a shaped food! Just like what Japanese do!! Or the coffee with shapes, you know it right? .. the one who people use the cream to draw with it? I really look forward to have a cup of coffee with a cute drawing on it!! ...

Yesterday I was checking my email, I got such a Kawaiii Yum Yum!! ... V. cute cute cute things !! love them so much =) .. I wounder what will my family say if they saw me eating it!! they already call me *Metfayja* .. and now with such things? lol I wounder what comments I'll get !!

Have a look on them!! .. Don't you think they are so cute? ..

Yumm Yumm,!! What a nice Desert!!

awwww!! I would buy them all !! a full package! or I guess packages!!

AaAAaWwwWw I want to try that!!

I hope you like them too !!
Have fun!! and treat yourself

*But the way! I don't think they are real!! I guess they are made of Clay!!*

Whatever they are, and whoever made them!
the are so cute !!! and creative idea !!


MissFikrah said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 9dg kawaaaaiii

lil.D said...

Yessssssss they are :D