Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Theme!!

I don't know what's wrong with me? .. I was feeling so good today, and In all sudden I had that bad mood nagging on my head Sad .. Some times I had the feeling of loving every one around me Swoon , and sometimes I just feel that I feel that I can't stand any one 001 Unsure .. I just need to relax a little bit!! .. but I found myself playing with my blog and layout !! Shocked ..

To say the truth! .. I can't believe what did I do to my blog Ninja Hide ... I guess ... It is totally new style Huh? .. Still not sure about it !! Huh? .. I guess I should really take a time to believe and get used to it Lv3 .. It is not easy for me to have such stile and be silent about it!! .. I don't like the white backgrounds!! ... I guess you are saying what a nonsense Mx47 !!

Tbfing Waiting for your *LOVELY COMMENTS* ... negative comments will be deleted Shifty


Anonymous said...

Nice theme, I am also thinking of a three column template for my blog too :-)

نهــــــــــار said...

السلام عليكم ...
هذي الحاله دوم تمر علي فا عادي لا تحاتين أمر طبيعي ..
مدونتج شكلها حلو بس اهم شي تكونين إنتي مرتاحه..
خليها كم يوم يمكن تتعودين عليها وبعدين إحكمي إتغيرن الثيم أو لا ..
دمتي بخير

Anonymous said...

حلو الثيم
بس فاتح واجد خخخخ
لو تغيرين الكولن الاول والثاني من اليمين وتخلينه رمادي نفس درجة التصميم يطلع مايحتاااج ويصير التركيز على البوستز

Anonymous said...

the theme is too girlish for me lol i feel that i am in my daughters room, lol

btw its nice


Anonymous said...

سلام عليكم

حلو الشكل الجديد خصوصا مع وجود الباقات والزهور

يالتوفيق اختي ومن افضل لافضل

Anonymous said...

i like it alot :)

|:| DUBAI |:| said...

It's a nice theme sis : )

Ahneech walla,,ebda3 mn noo3 thany !!

You are amazin' !!

lil.D said...

Dubai Guy:
Thanks a lot, 3Clm designs are so nice, it gives you much space and flexibility in widgets

lil.D said...


عليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

شكراً نهار ... كلامج صحيح يبالي كم يوم عشان اتعود .. وباخذ بنصيحتج ان شاء الله

lil.D said...


الله يحلي ايامج ان شاء الله ..
انا كنت مغيرة شوي فالكولومز ..
بس قلت مبدئياً حتى اشوف خلفية حلوة بنخليها هيييك ^_____^

شكرا ع اشتراك القروب

lil.D said...


hehehehe, then your daughter has a very nice and elegant taste :P ... just like me :D ... glad to see you around !

lil.D said...

Salem UAE:

عليكم السلام ورحمة الله
شكرا سالم الامارات ..
وعاش من شافك :)
فعلا سعيدة بتواجدك!

lil.D said...


I'm so lgad that you like it !

lil.D said...

|:| DUBAI |:| :

Thanks dubai ... well!! now I'm so flattered !! ... >_< I need to hide my face ... *Blushing* ..

desires said...

awesome !!

loved it ..