Thursday, December 10, 2009

"beauty from within"~

I went to carefour to stuff my drawer in work with "weight watchers" cookies, tea, and coffee. I'm sick of what the tea guy is doing -_- however, the only thing he prepares and I can't resist is the ginger tea with Zafran!! it is awesome. What caught my eyes in the tea section, a tea called:
"Dr Stuart's, Extraordinarily Good Teas", there were various type of teas! .. MANY, and each one with COOL DESIGN and COOL PACKING!!, that's what caught my eyes!! .. So different from the ordinary tea boxes! ... I kept reading and looking at the designs, so funny some how! ... and strange. He make his teas out of herbs, he labels each type of tea with Gorgeous and attractive slogan! ..
The one I bought was (skin purify~ Beauty from within), the slogan really attracted moi :D
Very interesting by the way, and until now I don't know how does it taste! you can visit their website in here: ((Click Here, Dr.Stuwart's Website)) here are some photos as well for their products:


lavender's aroma said...

I am a tea fan person
I like all tea's flavors
am gonna buy it ensha allah

lil.D said...

It taste like herbs, I don't like that -_- didn't drink it. I was at work, such experience should be at home lol

However I'm willing to try their greentea !