Sunday, December 6, 2009

Good Morning صباح الشغل ..

In the past three days I got a lot of MMS and SMS to congrats and tease me for the new comming working days!! ... I really want to say that I'm thanksful for the Gov. to give us such a holiday! I really felt the need to have it, and I can't deny that I need more! Siting at home is something you can't get bored of "well yes some times if you don't have work or study -_- and all what you have is sleeping at home, then you will feel bored, unless you are a person who knows how to utilize the time lol".
Knowing that I will have a busy schedual make me resist sleeping yesterday! because I was afraid of sleeping to waking for work! "I have the same thought when I was in the university, I don't sleep if I have exam because I'm afraid that the period of time will shrink and I'll face the exam!".

Any how!! We are back on track! .. and I hope every one is enjoying their time in work or at school! .. For me, what's make me feel good that I start the morning with Baby.H, he takes me to work, bug me at the car, and wave for me good buy, isn't that enough to start a good day? ...

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