Monday, December 21, 2009

Kawaiiii ~ My lil. Mini . Cake :D Thaaanks

Today my friend visited me with a very nice gift!!
She baked for me a mini cake ~
she is the same one whom I posted her cup cakes before
This one is Super Cute!!!!
Undecided However she told me not to eat the sugar baby!!!
Ponder I told her why did you put it on the top if u don't wanna me to eat it?
Annoyed and she gave me an order! just don't eat it!!
That was a scary order by the way Nervous


For people who asked about how to order
I will leave the contact number and email again:

IcySuger Box

oh by the way! I didn't eat the lil girl!
I kept her for memories Nervous as Meemz told me!!!


شاي الضحى said...


شكلها نايس


SCRIBBLE ..♥ said...

ياربي عليهاا تهبــل

الله يخليها لج ^^

وبالعافيه عليج

Hope said...

تشوق ما شاء الله

Anonymous said...

ماشاءالله مبدعة .. عليج بالعافية :)