Monday, December 7, 2009

Cutting out the bread ~

I thought a lot about losing weight , and I wrote about it many times in my blog. I really enjoy *chocolate* but I'm not addicted to it! It is something I eat maybe once a week! .. the same for rice! I'm not a rice person, however still I'm not doing good ! .. and after very long period of time! I have a glance on my head today when I smelled that freshly baked loaf of bread !!! .. OMG!!! I'm addicted to bread !!! .. Thinking about what is the most thing that I like? (Cheese sandwich) !! I love cheese! .. !! Imagine that you eat a fresh slice of bread with milted cheese? Yummmy!!! I can smell it now! or a slice of toast with butter and Jam??? Yum Yum~ ..Any how!! I decided to try a one week (Bread/Rice/Fast food-Free)!! .. all the bread that I can use is the small pieces in the saladSalad! Do you think it will be really useful? ... I google it and I read some nice reviews!! .. Any how I will try and see :D (I have a feeling that it will be less than one day trial lol)

Sandwich Bye Bye Bread !!! ~

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