Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Frozen heart~ I like the drawing

Although I like winter, but this cold weather makes me feel tired.
I feel like doing {nothing}, I feel like hiding in my room alone.
I really like the weather, but it is not helping me to work or to study!
I feel so quiet inside, so cold, and frozen!
This feeling is touching my {heart}
I don't know if any one have the same feelings!!!
When you feel everything around you and within you is quiet!!
You feel like running away, but there is no place to run to!
You feel like hiding, but all what you can do is to close your eyes
and pretend that you are hiding!
From what? I don't know?
Maybe because I have a lot of things to do,
but I don't want to do anything?
Maybe because I want a lot of things,
but I can't set priorities?
Only thoughts!! wrote then when I'm starting to feel pain in my throat!!
And now I'm getting sick again as well!!!!
Good Night Every One


S.M.G said...

ما أقول إلا الله يعينك ع الجو

lil.D said...


:D Weather forcasts shows that the tempreture will be normal lol

thanks dear