Thursday, December 3, 2009

UAE 38th National Day ~ Getting Ready ~

I was so touched by the kids this year, I didn't expect that the party I held for the last year for the national day (Click to view the photos) was still in their minds! I felt blame knowing they were in thirst to have the party again, every one of them was preparing something, and whispering to their mothers (Won't lil.D make a party for us this year?) .. Actually I thought every one will spend the holiday outside Al-Ain, so I didn't plan for anything this year. and tell today (3-Dec) which is after the national day! they are still waiting for the party! .. I told them I will ask you several Questions, if you answered I will make the party for you all~ .. What is 2nd of December? Who initiate the Union? When was it? .. Although last year those was hard questions on them, but this year they answered with thrill to win the party, and I was surprised! ... They answered, and the won their party :) ... and WE ARE GETTING READY!


HάķöØnã✿რätatã said...

7leeelhoom el-yahhal ystaansoon b-these things .. as u said t'3eer gaw ..
حلوة الأجواء ولمة العآيلة .. أحب هالحركآت .. ومن فترة خططت ويا خواتي .. إننا نسوي خبآل وفعآليآت يعني بين فترة وفترة مب شرط منآسبة وللا شي
>>> متعوديــن نسوي بس لو حد من اليهآل كمل سنة | حول
((أحفاد العآيلة))
خخخخ .. ومن زمآآن كننا أنا وأختي قآصين ع إخواني الصغآر ونسويلهم ههههههه
والله أيآم

وأحيــن ندرس موضوع الفعآليآت اللي بين فترة وفترة

يعطيــج العآفية .. رسمتي البسمه ع ويووههم .. وصــح شرات مآقلتي سآعآت تسمعين عبارات محبطه .. بس حلو يوم ف الآخر الكــل استآنس

ربي يعطيــج العآفية

lil.D said...

هكونا متاتا ...

حلوة اللمة وحلو يوم تسوين شي بجماعة ... مب بس الاتحاد ولا المناسبات .. حتى الرحلات يوم تكون لمة أهل أحلى عن اشخاص معدودين ...

ولا تقصدين على خوانج الصغار؟ لووول شريرة :)