Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Mouse Pad :D .. and Magic Mouse ... !

I really want to share this photo with you!! ... I bought it from a small booth in Festival Center (Dubai Festival City), it is near to Paris Hillton Shope (near sefora) ... So cool, I just love the look on the kitty's face!! So mean!! Upset? or I don't really know how to descrip it :D ... they have nice products :) I always buy from them :D .. you might want to visit it and see their products ( there are some products for dogs as well).

Magic Mouse problem

I bought the magic mouse before I buy my mac lol, and don't ask me why!
I got it outside the country cuz they always say it is out of stock .. BUT!
some how I feel that it is useless for me =( ... because I couldn't set it up

I can use it just as pointer! .. I can't use other features, the settings won't show up!
although it is already there in the bluetooth configuration! 
Please if any one have idea just tell me -_-
Because I miss using the mouse ... 

I don't want my mouse pad to be useless as well lol


النقطة الباردة said...

its cool

I think I will get one in my next visit to festival city

thanks for intersting bost

but can I ask you why you bost by English

its cool but I want to know why (:

lil.D said...

لان الانجليزي ساعات اكتب فيه اكثر من العربي
ماعندي شي معين مب كل شي بالانجلش ومب كل شي بالعربي
حسب الموووووود

وحاليا سبب الانجلش اني اخربط وايد بالكيبورد اليديد


Anonymous said...

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